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Get electrical service upgrades and electrical panel upgrades in Woodfin, NC

If it's been over a decade since you've had your electrical panel upgraded, reach out to M.D. Tatham Electrical Contractors, Inc. We offer top-rated electrical service upgrades in Woodfin, NC and surrounding areas. As technology evolves, so should your electrical panel. Older models will struggle to keep up with the energy demand of your new appliances and devices.

Set up an electrical panel upgrade now to make sure your property is fully equipped for future energy demands.

Is your electrical panel outdated?

Is your electrical panel outdated?

It's not always easy to tell right away when your electrical panel is struggling to keep up. Many times, your panel may even be hard to access. But there are still a few telltale signs you can look out for. Schedule an electrical panel upgrade right away if you notice:

  • Flickering or unusually dim lights
  • Sparks when you plug into outlets
  • Burning smells near your electrical panel
Notice any of these signs? It's probably time for an electrical service upgrade. Contact us today to schedule your panel replacement in Woodfin, NC.